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Advanced medical equipment
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  Advanced medical equipment
(Computed tomography)
Equipment Description – Its advantage is that structures and lesions can be seen more clearly because structures are less overlapped compared to simple X-ray imaging and it is the basic test equipment when lesions are suspected and thorough medical examination needs to be done in most organs and diseases.
(Portable X-ray fluoroscopic imaging apparatus)
Equipment Description – This is a perspective projector that helps treat correctly and safely while looking at the affected area during treatment with a computer imaging device.
(Computed tomography)
Equipment Description – This is a test helping accurate diagnosis by distinguishing nerve damage, inflammation, circulatory disorder that cannot be found in MRI, X-RAY, CT scan and is equipment regions with pain and nerve damaged regions and ranges by detecting body heat from the body.
(Extracorporeal Shock Wave)
Equipment Description – This is inspection equipment that fundamentally restores lesions in internal tissue of the human body by promoting revascularization and removing compounds of calcium around the joint or tendon through physical changes in the cell membrane by stimulating musculoskeletal system with lesions with shock wave.
(Open type MRI)
Equipment Description – This is advanced open-type MRI of university hospital level with which even claustrophobic patients can have an examination because the head comes out of equipment and you can have an examination while listening to music and there is an excellent effect in diagnosing disk and stenosis, spinal tumors, spinal cord disease
(X-ray, Simple radiography)
Equipment Description – This is the most basic level of spinal disorder examination and the test equipment of identifying the shape of the spine and interval of disk, the overall state of fractured spine.
Bone Density Checker
Equipment Description – This is equipment to examine osteoporosis, a disease that fracture is easily induced even by small shocks because bones are weakened due to the loss of calcium and protein.
Biochemical Equipment
Equipment Description – This is basic test equipment to identify the state of health of the whole body and basic test equipment to investigate red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, hemoglobin volume etc.
(Interference wave curer)
Equipment Description – There is a method of interferential current treatment using mid-frequency current and interference wave curer (ICT) is treatment equipment thermoelectric curer using mechanical effect and effect of pain relief, nerve balance effect, blood flow increase effect.
Magnetic field curer
Equipment Description – Innovative pain treatment equipment based on the principle of Information Theory. This is test equipment treating pain by generating artificial painless neural information and passing the painless signal to the brain through transcutaneous electrode.
Chiropractic curer
Equipment Description – This is conservative treatment equipment for spinal disc disease and does not give any harm to human body.
ultrasound diagnostic unit
Equipment Description – This is equipment to accurately check musculoskeletal disorders of the human body by using precision ultrasound.
3D imaging device
Equipment Description – This is equipment to analyze, diagnose the problems of patient body and the body shape before and after treatment by scanning the whole body and measuring posture and body proportion of the patient and balance.
3MAX is designed to maximize body contouring effects with a quick and nonsurgical treatment of injecting strong ultrasonic, high-frequency energy into the body’s fat layers without causing pain.
InBody is designed to measure the body’s composition of water, protein, minerals and fat by measuring impedance generated by the body when small electric currents are injected into the body