degenerative arthritis
anterior cruciate ligament rupture
meniscal rupture
tenosynovitis around the knee ,bursitis
rotator cuff tear
frozen shoulder
calcific tendinitis
collision syndrome
SLAP lesion
hip arthritis
Impingement syndrome of the hip
avascular necrosis of the femoral head
tenosynovitis around the hip joint、bursitis
Trigger finger
Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex
golf elbow
Tennis elbow
ankle joint arthritis
Ankle sprain
plantar fasciitis
Achilles Tendonitis
Ankle sprain
hallux valgus
toe arthritis
lumbar herniated intervertebral disc
spinal stenosis
Spinal Joint Syndrome
peripheral neuropathy
Piriformis Syndrome
cervical herniated nucleus pulpususdisc
spinal neuropore stenosis
Cervical Radiculopathy
forward head posture
compression fracture
herpes zoster
  degenerative arthritis


What is degenerative knee arthritis? 
Degenerative knee arthritis is a disease that inflammation and pain are caused by gradually worn cartilage due to continuous use of joint. It mainly occurs in people in their 50s or older but if squatting to do a lot of work or cartilage and bone are weakened, getting into an accident or if there are shocks and damage in joints, arthritis can be caused even at a younger age.


Causes of degenerative knee arthritis
- Changes in the joints due to aging
- Obesity
- Injury that may cause damage to the articular cartilage
- Muscle weakness
- Heredity

Symptoms of degenerative knee arthritis

- At first, rest relieves pain but your knees are stiff, there is slight pain and you have a fever.
- Symptoms are more severe when cloudy.
- You have a sharp pain in your knee and your knee is slightly swollen and then subsides when walking long or going down the stairs.
- If unattended, the cartilage continues to wear so it hurts even if walking for a while and more sore at night.

Treatment of degenerative knee arthritis

Basic treatment
-> Medication, physical therapy, exercise therapy etc.

Non-surgical treatment
-> DNA specializedprolotherapy
This is non-surgical treatment of relieving pain by inducing regeneration of worn and weakened cartilage, strengthening cartilaginous plates and ligaments and giving stability to the knee to prevent progression of degeneration and inducing strong joints.

Surgical treatment
-> Knee Arthroscopy, artificial joint replacement, stem cell therapy