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What is Prolotherapy Treatment?


Prolotherapy is the word meaning ProloTherapy. That is, it refers to non-surgical joint, spinal treatment that heals and strengthens the damaged area by proliferating the tissue required for wound healing. There is ‘self-healing mechanism' healing wounds in our body over time. However, if healing power is weakened, wounds are not healed by themselves and chronic pain appears and this is also true for joints and spine.
Prolotherapy is the treatment that restores the damaged area by administering drugs stimulating healing power and proliferating cells and tissues of broken joints and tissue. First, Prolotherapy thoroughly checks the tissue weakened, degenerated and causing chronic pain under ultrasound guidance. And then, it strengthens tendons, ligaments, geongol joints, cartilage, articular capsule and tenonostosis joint, cartilage, articular capsule by administering dextrose solution inducing the activation and proliferation of cells into the exact site.

Advantages of Prolotherapy Treatment

• Approximately 10 minutes of short treatment time
• Also suitable for the elderly, pregnant women, patients suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure etc.
• It checks and treats the exact damaged area under ultrasound guidance.
• It helps the restoration of tissue and induces fundamental treatment.
• Very little concern of side effects, aftereffect and complications for treatment and no burden for repeated implementation
• There are no activity limitations because you can return to your daily life immediately after treatment.

Characteristics of Prolotherapy Treatment

• A procedure not surgery and very short treatment time and recovery time
• The elderly, pregnant women and even diabetic patients can be treated.
• Not temporary pain relief treatment but treatment of relieving the pain in a fundamental way

Target of Prolotherapy

• Shoulder joint (Frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tear, calcific tendinitis, collision syndrome )
• Elbow joint (Golf Elbow, Tennis Elbow)
• Knee joint (inflammation of the knee joint, cartilaginous plate rupture, ligament injury, chondromalacia)
• Ankle joint (Ankle arthritis, plantar fasciitis, ligament injury, Achilles tendinitis)